NEW! PerfectAdmin Pro: Even More Centralized Administration

Back in 2013, Raxco launched centralized Windows management tools PerfectAdmin™ Remote Support and PerfectAdmin™ Remote Control. The Remote Control edition allows admins and helpdesk users to access and take control of client desktops from a remote console while the Remote Support edition allows admins to centrally manage network servers and PCs from a single console, which also included the Remote Control feature built into the management console.

Now we launch PerfectAdmin™ Remote Support Professional (we’re just calling it PerfectAdmin Pro to make life easier) and it’s got all the features of Remote Support and Remote Control combined plus it’s even more centralized than ever to make managing your network easier than ever!

Learn more about PerfectAdmin Pro or download a 30-day free trial.

Centrally Manage Network PCs and Servers from a Single Console

PerfectAdmin allows you to centrally manage network PCs and servers, perform actions across multiple systems simultaneously, even troubleshoot client desktop issues, without ever leaving your desk. This includes common system management tasks, such as:

  • PerfectAdmin Select Tool Apply Across Multiple ComputersUser/group administration
  • Event management
  • Performance monitoring
  • Service management (services running/stopped)
  • Sessions/open files
  • Shutdown/reboot
  • Printer/print job management
  • Disk share management

With the new Professional edition, PerfectAdmin is now a multi-admin product, meaning you can centrally manage multiple user admins with PerfectAdmin Pro, and it has even more centralized reporting features!

Introducing PerfectAdmin™ Pro

PerfectAdmin™ Pro allows multiple admins to centrally manage Windows servers and PCs in your network without ever leaving their desks, with centralized audit logging to track activities and changes down to the user level, and centralized permissions and preferences management.

PerfectAdmin Pro DiagramCentrally Manage Multiple User Admins

PerfectAdmin Pro lets you centrally manage multiple admin accounts that can be assigned different access permissions.

Centralized Administration

PerfectAdmin user admins will find and be able to manage their personal preferences, list of manual connections, favorites, labels and stored credentials in their PerfectAdmin user admin account from each connected PerfectAdmin client they access with the Remote Control feature.

Centralized Audit Log

All admins’ management activities are recorded in PerfectAdmin Pro’s Centralized Audit Log giving details of who made the changes, what changes were made on which machines, and when those changes took place, with before and after states of each transaction recorded and available for subsequent browsing and reporting.

And as always, PerfectAdmin is licensed only per PerfectAdmin user admin, not by the number of PCs or servers your admins are managing (as far as we’re concerned, all clients are free!).

Learn more about PerfectAdmin Pro or download a 30-day free trial.

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