The Role of The PC in a Mobile Device World

The Role of The PC in a Mobile Device WorldLast year I wrote a piece entitled Sorry Tablet: The PC is Not Going Anywhere Anytime Soon. A year later, evidence supports the idea that every device has its role – tablet, and smartphone and PC. As it turns out, tablets aren’t taking over as many claimed they would, in fact, tablet sales are down in 2014, and PCs seem to be the “comeback kid” of 2014. But why?

As Paul Thurrott explains in his WindowsITPro blog post (Re-)Embracing the PC:

Tablets are consumption devices first and foremost, especially iPad and Android tablets, and are generally ill-suited to content creation. I carry one for reading, and to watch movies and TV shows on flights. They’re great for casual games as well.

While tablets are for consuming media, PCs are for working and creating:

This leaves the PC … to be a PC. A productivity workhorse that can focus on the tools and tasks needed by content creators. A device that is now freed of the consumption activities we enjoy instead on smart phones and tablets. The PC has a role, a purpose. And if you need to actually get work done, hell yeah, it’s a truck.

In real life, this reasoning is undeniably true. The main things I do on my phone are scroll through Facebook and Pinterest, post and re-pin, watch the occasional short Youtube video, and quickly check email — all using installed apps.

But I feel the need to get on my laptop when I want to shop (it’s easier to see what I’m buying on a larger screen), create content (because typing on a phone and correcting text created by voice are true pains in the neck!), binge-watch Breaking Bad on Netflix, reply in-depth to emails with attachments and log into or view desktop versions of websites (some of which are still much better than their mobile versions).

With this reality comes the responsibility to maintain and care for PC hardware and software in order to work and play at high speeds, with reliability and smooth performance. We need our PCs to keep humming along, they way they performed when they first came out of the box, because they are here for productivity.

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What’s the role of your PC in this mobile world? What do you use your PC for that you can’t or won’t attempt on a mobile device?

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