63% Use the Same Password for Multiple Accounts

63 Percent Use the Same Password for Multiple AccountsHackers are getting smarter, web users are sticking to the status quo…and doing the unthinkable – logging into multiple accounts with the same password! Have we learned nothing in our cyber-insecure society? 63% of iPhone users and 62% of Android users use the same password for multiple accounts.

I know. It’s just easier to use the same password for mobile apps. But passwords used for mobile apps usually correlate to the website login for your bank, email, or whatever other service you’re accessing. So while you’re making it easier on yourself to log in from your phone, you’re also making it easier for hackers to log in from anywhere in the world.

Yes, it makes sense to use the same password for low-security accounts that don’t give access to your payment methods or banking information but if you’re using the same password for more than one account and that password is the same as the password used for any one of the following:

  • Email
  • Bank
  • Credit Card
  • Pharmacy
  • Online stores that save your payment info

…change that password QUICK! You’re a little behind the times. Mix it up with numbers, letters and symbols. Use a password manager if you can’t keep track of all your logins and definitely protect your weak passwords on public computers.

Last, but not least, protect yourself and your computer from keyloggers, screenloggers and clipboard loggers looking to steal your passwords by downloading and activating PerfectGuard, free for the first 15 days.

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