Too Busy? 4 IT Tools for Taking Back Your Work Day

Too Busy? 4 IT Tools to Help Take Back Your Work DayThe word “busy” doesn’t even cut it when you consider all the work required to be completed by IT professionals before after business hours – to keep operations running smoothly from 9 to 5 (or whenever your business hours occur) – not to mention all the daily emergencies you encounter with less than tech-savvy employees, hardware malfunctions, system and software failures.

InformationWeek’s Kevin Casey offers some useful time management tips, including focusing on only a few specific tasks – or just one task – for a specified time period, shutting off phones and devices to be able to focus on the current task, making good use out of status indicators (so others know not to disturb you), and taking real breaks from the office to refresh and refocus later in the day.

4 IT Tools Help Recover Time in Your Work Day

Kevin’s advice is extremely useful – and not just for IT pros – most people would benefit from his task management tips but there are also tangible cost-effective IT tools you can implement to help save time in your too-busy work day. These tools also help save time for the critical after-hours processes you count on to complete on-time for your return to the office the next business day, starting the whole routine all over again.

#1: Off-Hours Time-Saver

Are backups eating into your business hours? While we recommend PerfectDisk to maintain your disks – HDD, SSD and VM – for performance and productivity gains on PCs, servers and virtualized systems during business hours, an excellent additional benefit is that it can dramatically reduce the time it takes to perform your daily or weekly backups. When files and free space are contiguous, it takes much less time to back up all your data! Backups went from 12+ hours to just 3.5 hours for this customer and this customer cut 24 hours off their 72-hour VMware backup window. Keep your backup time within your backup window: Download PerfectDisk

#2: Save Time Putting Out Fires

Are you getting more exercise running around the office than at the gym? Is your to-do list getting neglected? Just when you get back to your desk, there’s another employee with another emergency. PerfectAdmin helps you extinguish helpdesk issues and perform companywide system updates and maintenance on PCs and servers from your desk. No more getting up and having a frantic coworker looking over your shoulder while you troubleshoot their issues — you can take over their PC without even interfering the the work they’re doing on it! Do it all from the peace and familiarity of your desk — your coworkers will start to miss you: Download Sysgem Access Gateway

#3: Downtime Eliminator

This is a no brainer. If you encounter a Patch Tuesday failure or other software-related system failure – including a virus attack – it can take hours to days to rebuild systems. Prevention is key to limiting downtime to seconds versus hours or days. Yes, seconds. Installed and activated prior to a software corruption event that renders your PCs and servers unbootable, InstantRecovery restores your system, data and applications in a matter of seconds. When creating a snapshot (or multiple snapshots) you have the option to select data to protect in the event of a system failure. Whatever data is selected will be recoverable in its latest state at the time of the system failure. This protects you from outdated backups and offers better protection than System Restore. Get back up in running seconds after a system failure: Download InstantRecovery (or InstantRecovery Server)

#4: Storage Management Time-Saver

If you’re using thin provisioning with your storage solution, you know it takes some effort to keep your thin-provisioned storage “thin” and really reap the benefits of thin provisioning. There is a lot of guesswork involved in determining whether there is enough space available to warrant a reclaim operation. Once you’ve decided to reclaim space, you’re probably relying on scripts that need to be tweaked and maintained regularly, along with manual tools like SDelete or something provided by the storage manufacturer. This can gets very time consuming, resource intensive, and expensive. With PerfectStorage, you don’t even have to be there for the most tedious, time-consuming tasks involved in reclaiming space. First, it analyzes your disks to determine if a reclaim operation is even needed, then it smartly automates the SCSI UNMAP or zeroing process, only running while your system is idle, which allows it to run in production environments. EMC’s XtremIO CTO loves it and one of the Big 4 Auditing Firms Reclaimed 25TB Easily with it:  Download PerfectStorage

What’s your favorite time management hack?

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