Don’t Give Your Password to Jimmy Kimmel

With the most popular password in the United States being “Password123,” Jimmy Kimmel reminds us that we need to do a better job of protecting ourselves when it comes to online security:

Lesson #1: Don’t use easy passwords that anyone can guess.
Lesson #2: Don’t give your password to Jimmy Kimmel.

Seinfeld George BoscoLesson #3: Go the extra mile in protecting your passwords.

Of course, even if you’re as cryptic with your password as George was with his code (see below), even the best antivirus software won’t protect you from keylogger spyware designed to steal your password as you type it (or screenloggers that watch what you type as they take over your monitor), which is why we recommend installing and activating PerfectGuard on every PC you use.

PerfectGuard® antilogger protects you in real-time against Internet threats like spyware and unknown “zero day” malware — something most antivirus software can’t do. And it works in conjunction with most antivirus products – closing off vulnerabilities left open by most antivirus – to provide an extra secure level of protection against spyware designed to breach your PC and online security measures. Learn more about PerfectGuard and download a 15-day free trial.

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