Minecraft Leak: 1,800 Emails and Passwords Exposed

Another Day, Another Email and Password LeakIn January, logins for 1,800 Minecraft players were leaked, including email addresses and passwords. While this wasn’t one of the biggest hacks in recent history, those 1,800 players could be exposed for more than just their Minecraft accounts.

Another Day, Another Email and Password Leak

As we reported in December, 63% of people use the same password for multiple accounts, and if that statistic holds true for Minecraft players, over 1,100 of them could unwittingly be giving criminal hackers access to their actual email accounts, credit cards or bank accounts.

A criminal can do a lot of damage with access to the central hub of all online activity: the email account. This is where username requests, password reset requests and account verification emails are sent.

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No Timely Announcement of Your Data Being Breached

As of this posting, there was no mention of the leak on the Minecraft homepage. So you can’t always expect services you use to announce whether your account info has been exposed.

Even if the email accounts of those Minecraft players aren’t compromised, the hacker still has their email address, and therein lies another threat. One phishing email scam and an unsuspecting click on a link in a phishing email can give criminals access to your every move: every keystroke, every view or screenshot on your monitor, items you copy or paste and even your physical movements can be captured for someone else’s viewing pleasure.

PefectGuard protects you and your system against these threats with its multi-antilogging capabilities. The keylogger? The screenshot logger? The clipboard logger? The webcam logger? All blocked, in real-time, even before threats are even known to the public.

SSL Protection

PerfectGuard protects you when you don’t even realize you’re vulnerable: on “secure” https:// pages. Websites want you to think you’re safe when you see the lock on your web browser and a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protection of an https:// page. SSL loggers can steal the information you submit on those pages before your data is encrypted. PerfectGuard takes care of this and blocks those SSL loggers from gaining access to your info.

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  1. Regarding, “No software should BLOCK the opening/running of this test simulator because it is a safe program and it doesn’t actually contain any malware.” This apparently doesn’t hold true for Chrome which refuses to download your simulator. “This file is malicious, and Chrome has blocked it.”

    I have PerfectGuard already and love having it. I was downloading the simulator just for testing that it was set up correctly and working, although I have little doubt.

    Thought I’d let you know.