Making Your Windows 10 Upgrade as Smooth as Can Be

Making Your Windows 10 Upgrade as Smooth as Can BeAs we reported in January, Windows 10 will be a free upgrade to those users running Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 in the first year after the release of the new operating system. Dealing with an in-place upgrade on an existing machine can result in some unintended headaches related to the incompatibility of the software from your old system with the new Windows 10 OS.

Here’s some advice on how you can minimize and even eliminate those issues in order to make your transition to Windows 10 as smooth as possible.

Download PerfectUpdater and Scan for Outdated Drivers

A Smooth Transition to a New OS

PerfectUpdater will help you make that transition from older Windows operating systems, as it’s especially helpful in locating missing drivers that will make your newer OS run smoothly on your older and seemingly “less equipped” hardware, as noted by Raxco customer David M. from Mequon, Wisconsin:

“…because of the XP phase out (or no support) date getting closer and closer, I needed to upgrade to larger hard drives on a couple of my machines to allow for Windows 7.

“…PerfectUpdater has been rather helpful in locating new drivers for Windows 7 on some older machines that “supposedly” were “not” able to handle 7 but once PerfectUpdater located a couple of missing drivers, these machines are humming along quite happily!!!!

Read more of what David has to say about PerfectUpdater.

Having PerfectUpdater to make your older hardware more compatible with the newer operating system is a lot better than shelling out hundreds to thousands of dollars on a new PC. Download PerfectUpdater now.

Keep All Your HW, SW and Devices Operating Smoothly During the Transition

When I updated my Windows 8 laptop to Windows 8.1, I lost my wireless connection. What came to the rescue? You got it: PerfectUpdater.

My first thought was to use PerfectUpdater to update any potentially related outdated drivers. After my last experience using PerfectUpdater to fix a crash/boot loop on an old Windows Vista machine, I knew if anything could fix my wifi issue, it was PerfectUpdater.

updating to windows 8.1Sure enough, the support notification I received in my system tray opened and said this:

After updating to Windows 8.1, please check whether your system has any incompatible software or drivers. Incompatible software or drivers can cause the following:

-Blank Screen
Loss of Internet connectivity
-Disabled hardware devices

Because I lost my wireless connection, I had to plug an Internet cable into my new laptop for a wired Internet connection in order to download PerfectUpdater. I scanned my PC with PerfectUpdater, knowing even the latest systems have outdated drivers (and this is due to the updates vendors release between the time the PC was manufactured and the time the PC is booted by the end user for the first time, me in this case), and out of the list of available updates, to save time, I selected only the wifi-related drivers to update.

The result? I was able to unplug from my wired connection and reboot and connect to my wireless router. It was that easy.

Read more about my experience.

Don’t Hold Your Breath Waiting on Vendor Update Notices

Making Your Windows 10 Upgrade as Smooth as Can BeNot all vendors list the most recent drivers for their products on their websites — or provide driver update notifications. Marc Anthony Salvatini, an experienced computer user from Columbus, Ohio, wrote to Raxco to express his relief that PerfectUpdater was able to help him out of a missing vendor driver update emergency:

“I can’t say enough good things about [PerfectUpdater]. My work PC totally crashed, and my company sent me the re-image disks for Window 7 Enterprise. It’s a Lenovo product. I assumed since it was a complete re-image all would be fine. Hah!

“Components/drivers were missing or not found by Windows. In particular, one item was extremely bothersome: the recognition of the SD card slot, where I have a 32 Gig card I use as a fully devoted Speed Boost device under Windows 7, to give me better performance. I went to Lenovo’s site and downloaded every device driver package, including the latest chip set updates, all to no avail.

“I used your product and it found 17 updates needed, including the SD card driver. After running your product and installing everything, my machine works better now than when they shipped it to me new!!!! My SD card is back acting as the speed boost, the video drivers are better. It works perfectly; actually, it works better than the day I opened the box on the new machine. 

Read more of what Marc had to say about PerfectUpdater.

Don’t wait for an update notice from your vendors that may never come. Download PerfectUpdater and scan your system for outdated drivers.

How are you planning on dealing with the Windows 10 upgrade?

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  1. Windows 10 will be free at the beginning and later you will be charged monthly for using it. Just small difference at plus for MS where the system cost will be lets say £300 yearly. This is called subscription. No thank you for that deal. It’s time to say c’ya to MS. When I choose product I want to buy it forever. Linux show must go on then.