Keeping Old Devices Alive After a Windows Upgrade

Keeping Old Devices Alive After a Windows UpgradeA fully functional PC, with hardware, software and connected devices working reliably and correctly, requires updated drivers so your system can properly communicate with every device installed on your machine.

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Printer or Scanner Not Working After Upgrading Windows?

We’ve discussed how PerfectUpdater makes the transition to a newer operating system a lot smoother and here is another example of that:

Cornelius P., a Raxco customer from Vancouver, BC in Canada, upgraded from Windows XP to Windows 7 and during the transition, his printer and scanner stopped working.

“The installing disks for my printer and my scanner did not install correctly when I upgraded to Windows 7.

“A friend told me the printer and scanner drivers from my 10-year-old XP machine were not responding and he recommended I install PerfectUpdater.”

Keeping Old Devices Alive After a Windows UpgradeA PerfectUpdater scan determined the correct updated drivers that needed to be installed on Windows 7 in order for Cornelius’ older printer and scanner to work on the new system:

After installing PerfectUpdater all my hardware is working fine; the CD installation disks from Epson and PagePro Konica laser printer worked and and all my hardware is working fine.”

PerfectUpdater can solve many computer performance issues in addition to making operating system upgrades easier, from fixing broken PC audio to reinstating lost Wifi.

Download PerfectUpdater and Find Outdated Drivers


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  1. So finding outdated drivers isn’t the problem.
    Finding an updated driver from 32 to 64bit system is.
    So please send me a link for the Copal DPB-1500 / Fuji ASK-1500 64bit driver.