PerfectDisk 13 Service Pack 4 (Build 843) has been released

PerfectDisk 13 Service Pack 4 (Build 843) has been releasedPerfectDisk 13 Service Pack 4 (Build 843) has been released, which adds the ability to exclude files approaching the FAL maximum size from defragmentation operations, adds vSphere 6.0 compatibility, and fixes a Log Viewer sorting issue.

What’s New

Exclude Files Approaching FAL Maximum Size

PerfectDisk 13 Service Pack 4 (Build 843) adds the ability to detect files that are approaching the NTFS File Attribute List max size of 256KB and exclude them from defragmentation operations. Files that exceed this limit can not create additional file fragments – resulting in application or other errors. Note that this limit has nothing to do with the actual size of a file. This limit has to do with how badly fragmented the file is.

If a file is badly fragmented and is approaching this limit, defragmenting the file could push it over the limit and you may see error messages, such as:

-Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service
-The requested operation could not be completed due to a file system limitation

For more information: The Four Stages of NTFS File Growth, Part 2

vSphere 6.0 Compatibility

Changes made for PerfectDisk for vSphere to work with vSphere 6.0.

Fixes Log Viewer

Log Viewer sorting issue fixed.

Update PerfectDisk

There are two ways to update existing installations:

  1. Run PerfectDisk, click Help and then select Check for Updates to immediately update to SP4.
  2. Or download the update for home editions or business editions of PerfectDisk manually.

Not running PerfectDisk? Download a 30-day free trial for home PCs or business PCs and servers.

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    1. The SSD Optimize method on PerfectDisk consolidates free space only and does not defragment files (as this is unecessary on SSDs). It consolidates free space, which speeds up writes and helps reduce writes (and write amplification), which helps extend the life of the drive.

  1. A minor criticism: listing vSphere without noting that it is VMWare software required me to look it up in Google and find out that it apparently is only for use on VMWare. Since I am not controlling a server and not using a cloud, apparently I have no need for vSphere.

    1. The update includes a vSphere compatibility update as well as updates for other editions of PerfectDisk, including Windows PC editions, physical and virtual servers.

  2. I followed your suggestion to update to “PerfectDisk 13 Service Pack 4 (Build 843)” by “Run PerfectDisk, click Help and then select Check for Updates to immediately update to SP4.” but when I did so I got the message “There are no updates at this time” (a Sunday afternoon on May 31). If you are not doing business on weekends, you ought to say so,

  3. Patches are ok, however, I need a single exe that I can install.
    If I reinstall Windows, I hate to Install a version and apply patches.
    Where is the link to a COMPLETE build 843 exe?

  4. I am running PerfectDisk 13.0 Build 776. When I click Help then check for updates, I get a message stating I am up to date. What’s going on?

    1. Our support team responded with this: PD13 Build 770 and 776 will not detect that the SP4 update is available due to a bug in the Check for Update feature that was fixed in Build 783. Customers running Build 770 or 776 will need to manually download the update. Sorry for the mix up.