Secure Remote Access with Sysgem Access Gateway

Sysgem Access GatewayRaxco is proud to announce we are now offering Sysgem Access Gateway with SysMan Remote Control for secure, hosted and controlled remote access to desktops, laptops and servers inside and outside of your network boundaries.

Avoid using third party servers for your connections. Unlike other remote access services, Sysgem Access Gateway can be installed on your servers! Plus Access Gateway is licensed per admin – not by the number of client machines you connect to.

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Secure, Hosted and Controlled Remote Access

There are a lot of remote access services out there but Sysgem Access Gateway with SysMan Remote Control is the only remote access service that allows you to install and host the access gateway on your own servers, providing an even more secure connection for your data and your client machines.

When using other remote access services, data is susceptible to vulnerabilities in the third-party’s hosted gateway in addition to the third party having access to your (or your clients’) data on their servers. By installing Sysgem Access Gateway on your own network you can avoid using third-party remote access services, cutting out the middleman, providing the most secure connection possible.

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Includes SysMan Remote Control

SysMan Remote ControlUsed either as a stand-alone product and included with Sysgem Access Gateway, the SysMan Remote Control console allows you to access and communicate with remote users over a secure, encrypted connection:

  • Securely connect to remote PCs (inside and outside of your network)
  • Perform remote installations
  • Access locked desktops
  • Chat securely in-session
  • Transfer files to and from the remote PC in-session

…and so much more.

Licensed Per Admin – All Client Connections Are Free!

With other remote access services, you may be limited to a set number of connections. Sysgem Access Gateway offers the lowest cost per seat, as it is licensed per administrator, with a free, unlimited number of client connections allowed for each admin license.

Sysgem Access Gateway is licensed for the number of concurrent active sessions. A single license can connect one administrator to an unlimited number of individual end user sessions through the Access Gateway at different times.

Learn more about Sysgem Access Gateway or download a 30-day free trial

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