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Can You Spot a Cyber Attack?

Can You Spot a Cyber Attack?It is rarely less expensive to suffer a breach than put the proper defensive processes in place. The three absolute core pieces of an effective security program are comprised of technology, processes and people.

However, according to a survey of 168 IT decision makers across several industries, only 15 percent think their employees are “well prepared” to spot the signs of an attack.

Prevent Downtime Associated with Cyber Attacks

70% of Cyber Attacks Phishing or Hacking-Related

Research from Verizon found that phishing and hacking make up 70 percent of all cyber attacks and “many dangers are still present because security patches are often out of date, with many of the vulnerabilities being traced back to 2007, representing a gap of nearly eight years.”  And in 60% of instances, attacks occur in only a few minutes time.

If only 15% of an organization’s employees are expected to be able to recognize and respond to a threat, PerfectGuard is a simple solution that helps “save” those users from themselves if the unsuspecting employee ends up clicking a bad link in an email or landing on a corrupt web page.

While an antilogger like PerfectGuard can provide an additional layer of security against the repercussions of a phishing attack by blocking the malware that seeks to record keystrokes, screen grabs, webcam feeds and clipboard activity, one of the costliest components of a cyber attack for business is the potential downtime that results after an attack.

“Verizon came up with a new model to estimate the cost of data breaches, with this new model accounting for the fact that every stolen record is directly impacted by the type of data and total number of statistics compromised.

“This approach estimates that the cost of a breach featuring ten million records will fall between $2.1 million (£1.41 million) and $5.2 million and could reach $73.9 million in some instances.”

As we’ve discussed in the past, downtime can be expensive.

Time is of the Essence

One of the three core components of a security program is putting defensive processes in place. Plan ahead and you won’t suffer any downtime.

We know how costly downtime can be, in terms of revenue lost, unhappy customers and a negative impact on your reputation. Before you’ve been the recipient of an attack, put processes in place to minimize or eliminate downtime.

Instead of spending the minutes and hours after an attack rebuilding systems to become operational again, install InstantRecovery on workstations and InstantRecovery Server on servers and your downtime can be limited to the time it takes to reboot a system — essentially, no downtime at all.

You may think “I can just use Windows System Restore,” but you’d be wrong. There are plenty of things System Restore can’t do. While System Restore typically works as advertised, tech forums are filled with instances where restoration was not possible.

InstantRecovery has several distinct advantages over using Windows System Restore on desktops, laptops and servers.

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