PC Hacks, Email Attacks and Data Breaches, Oh My!

PC Hacks, Email Attacks and Data Breaches, Oh My!Talk about lions and tigers and bears.

It’s not a matter of if your organization will suffer a cyber attack but when.

Just look at these recent headlines:

…and ironically, Hacking Team gets hacked.

It is an understatement to say that cyber attacks are on the rise and happening more frequently. Now hackers are using small business attacks as a “back door” to infiltrate larger enterprises.

From ITProPortal:

“As we are all aware, the number of data breaches is increasing – and what’s more, the number of SMBs being targeted is also on the up, because attackers believe their defences are more likely to be suspect (and these smaller organisations can be used as gateways to penetrate the defences of larger firms).”

Yet SMBs are still not prepared for a serious data breach.

Return Systems to a Trusted State Immediately After a Security Breach with No Data Loss

Consumers More Prepared Than The Enterprise?

Data leaks are a major issue to deal with – not only are your customers at risk but so is your reputation.

However, many consumers now expect their information will be leaked at one point or another, as data breaches are becoming all too common. It’s a sign of the times.

“Almost half (44%) of consumers say they expect a breach at retail and only 19% said it was unlikely, according to a new study

“Here’s where U.S. consumers see the risk:

  • 44% — Retail
  • 39% — Government
  • 35% — Telecom
  • 28% — Healthcare
  • 25% — Airlines
  • 24% — Banks
  • 21% — Utilities

…While retailers may have some work to do in the area of consumer confidence, banks are on the other side, with only one in four expecting a security breach there.”

PC Hacks, Email Attacks and Data Breaches, Oh My!While consumers may be more understanding, if not forgiving, about the reality of a data breach, one of the keys to moving on from a cyber attack and keeping your customer base happy is to preserve your production environment — live operations — in spite of any breach that is extremely likely to occur given the security climate today.

Downtime is your enemy. The longer your systems are offline, the more downtime will hurt the customer experience, your reputation, revenue potential and long-term ROI.

Increase ROI from Your Security Spend with Instant System & Data Recovery by InstantRecovery

Costly Downtime vs. High ROI System and Data Recovery

You can spend hours or days rebuilding systems after an attack or your can recover systems immediately — with no data loss — in the time it takes to reboot.

Not all security breaches will result in a customer data leak or downtime but you must have the ability to restore any compromised system — PC or server — to a trusted state in as little time possible to avoid disrupting operations.

Your reputation depends on it.

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