PerfectDisk 14 Business Editions

PerfectDisk 14: Event Log Alerts & New TP Features

PerfectDisk 14 Business EditionsPerfectDisk 14 Enterprise is here with new Windows event log integration allowing Microsoft System Center and other 3rd-party monitoring tools to monitor for PerfectDisk-detected fragmentation-related issues, thin-provisioned drive auto-detection to help avoid fully provisioning thin drives, Windows 10 support, automated reporting from PerfectDisk clients to their managing PerfectDisk Enterprise Console and enhanced integration with Citrix Servers.

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What’s New in PerfectDisk 14:

  • Support for Windows 10
  • PerfectDisk identified fragmentation related issues can log alerts to the Windows Application Event log where they can be detected by 3rd party monitoring programs
  • Thin-Provisioned drive auto-detection to automatically detect thin-provisioned drives in physical and virtual environments
  • PerfectDisk Clients can automatically push fragmentation related information back to their managing PerfectDisk Enterprise Console
  • Enhanced integration with Citrix Servers

Windows Event Log Integration for 3rd-Party Monitoring Programs

When PerfectDisk identifies fragmentation-related issues they can now be logged to the Windows Application Event log. These alerts can then be detected by 3rd-party monitoring programs such as Microsoft System Center and HP Operations Manager. This integration allows customers to use their existing monitoring/management tools to monitor for performance degradation caused by file and free space fragmentation.

Thin Provisioning-Aware Optimization

PerfectDisk can now automatically detect thin-provisioned drives in both physical and virtual environments. For drives that are auto-detected as thin-provisioned, PerfectDisk will automatically configure itself so that defrag operations performed on the drive are less likely to fully provision the drive.

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