Unbootable PC?

Better Than Backups

Unbootable PC?Even if you perform regular backups, your files are only as good as your last backup.

If your last backup was a week or even a day ago, that doesn’t help much when you need a file in the condition it was in today.

And even if you do have a recent backup of your files, if you can’t access your system, what good is a backup if you don’t have a working operating system where you can access those files?

InstantRescue Does What Backup Software Can’t Do

After a system failure, InstantRescue™ recovers your important files and folders in their most recent state, in addition to rescuing your operating system.

NEW! InstantRescue: Recover Immediately from a PC System FailureWith InstantRescue, all the files and folders you choose to anchor will be rescued in their most recent state at the point your system failed — and remember, all files and folders under My Documents, My Music, My Pictures and My Videos are anchored by default.

That means even if the Rescue Area you boot to after a system failure consists of a system snapshot taken 3 weeks ago, all your anchored files will be rescued in their current state – not their state from 3 weeks ago.

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Keeping Your Rescue Area Up-To-Date

Even though Data Anchoring ensures your files are always saved in their most recent state, you may have made significant changes to your system since you first installed InstantRescue. Changes can include Windows updates, software updates, newly installed applications and modified system settings.

Data RecoveryIf you’ve made changes to your system since you first installed InstantRescue, you’ll want to update the Rescue Area with your new system settings, since you’ll want these settings and changes available to you after a system failure. Keep your Rescue Area up-to-date with InstantRescue’s Copy/Update feature.

To update the Rescue Area, click the Copy/Update button or choose Copy/Update from the Actions menu and click Yes to initiate the operation. The InstantRescue™ Copy Engine is started in the background. You can continue to use your system while the operation is in progress.

One of the first status messages you will see will be “Starting Open File Technology.” This is the snapshot service starting. It creates a point-in-time copy of the system volume. Depending on your configuration, this may take a minute or more. The Copy Engine should not be interrupted during this process:

  • Click Pause to suspend the copy operation. Click Resume to continue.
  • Click Stop to cancel the copy operation. You can always restart Copy/Update at a later time and files already copied and unchanged will not be copied.

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