Ransomware Attacks are Growing…Avoid Paying the Crooks

laptop-thiefRansom-ware has now reached epidemic proportions. Not long ago ransomware was a concern for large organizations but the cyber-crooks have now branched out to small companies and individuals where it is easier to collect smaller payments. Two attacks that garnered a lot of attention recently occurred at Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital where they paid $17,000 and Washington MedStar Hospital Center. About the same time the Hard Times Cafe, a small chain of 11 restaurants in suburban Washington DC was also hit with ransom-ware but refused to pay the $10,000 demand. They hardened their systems but the restaurants were still closed for a week. It appears no one is safe from this kind of attack, but there are things you can do to protect yourself.

Nothing can absolutely prevent you from being hacked or having files encrypted but there are two things you can do that will dramatically reduce the pain of recovering from a ransom-ware attack.

1. InstantRecovery restores the operating system and your applications in the time it takes to reboot. Typically when you get malware on your system the response is to reinstall the operating system, your applications and their updates; a process that can take hours or days. With InstantRecovery you get all this back in seconds.

2. Maintain a good backup of your data files which are the hackers ultimate target.

Use InstantRecovery to restore the operating system and applications and restore data files from the backup and you will never have to pay a cyber-thief ransom to decrypt your files.

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