InstantRecovery Integrated with LabTech… Enhancing MSP Capabilities

Life just got easier if you are a MSP using LabTech.

Raxco Software’s InstantRecovery product has now been integrated with the LabTech dashboard providing MSPs with system recovery capabilities they did not have before and the opportunity to decrease client downtime while increasing  profitability.  The product is LabTech Certified.

InstantRecovery is a high-availability software solution that is complementary to any backup product.  InstantRecovery restores a Windows OS and applications in the time it takes to reboot.   InstantRecovery creates a snapshot of the system drive and maintains that snapshot on the system drive in a protected folder.  In the event of system corruption from a failed system or application update, malware or a virus, InstantRecovery can be invoked and the system restored from the recovery snapshot in about 30 seconds.  InstantRecovery will even restore systems that Windows won’t boot.

Lower Costs and Improved Productivity

InstantRecovery is designed to help MSPs cope with client-side issues quickly. Since time is money, the faster problems are resolved the better the bottom line. InstantRecovery reduces client downtime when corruption strikes from hours to seconds.

Revolutionize System Recovery

No more time-consuming OS reinstalls or reimaging, InstantRecovery returns the operating system to a known and trusted state while preserving applications and certain data files.  InstantRecovery is what you need if you have to:

  • Recover from a cyber attack
  • Enforce IA compliance
  • Augment Help Desk capabilities
  • Undo failed updates, malware and virus issues

Through the LabTech dashboard the MSP can deploy InstantRecovery, create the recovery snapshot, update the snapshot and ensure there is always a pristine copy of the system that can be used for recovery.  System recovery has never been this easy.

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