Did you know you can reclaim unusable storage on your SAN? You can potentially reclaim terabytes of space by simply reclaiming the “dead” space your array can no longer use. Dead space occurs when a user deletes a file on a guest server. Windows just deletes the file pointer but their is no native mechanism to notify the controller the file has been deleted so the deleted file remains on the storage and that space cannot be used again until some action is taken to reclaim the space. Almost all the storage vendors support space reclamation using either Zero Detection or SCSI UNMAP modalities However, no storage vendor provides a tool that allows these modalities to be used on all your VMs across the network.PerfectStorage is the only product designed to use Zero Fill or UNMAP technologies to reclaim space from guest VMs, LUNs and data stores. Its advantages include:

  • reclaim space with servers online and no impact on production
  • centrally manage reclamation across the network through the enterprise console
  • get space reclamation estimates so you can make informed decisions
  • easily schedule reclamation to run unattended at your convenience
  • management reports can be integrated into capacity planning regimens

Savills, a large property management company in the UK reclaimed 40TB on their main array; half from the guest VMs and half from the data stores. They saved another 50TB on their disaster recovery site. They valued this space at $124,000 so PerfectStorage paid for itself several times over the first time they ran it on all their systems. Click to find out how they were able to reclaim this space and save over $100,000

You already paid for your storage. Now you need to reclaim the space you can’t access. Typically sites reclaim 6-10% of total raw storage. How much FREE storage can you reclaim?

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