World’s Most Traveled Man Relies on InstantRecovery

Fred-Finn-Rolls-Royce According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Fred Finn is the World’s Most Traveled Man. Fred has visited 150 countries and flown over 16 million miles. With dual British and UK citizenship, Fred was working internationally when British Airways began flying Concorde between the UK and the US. Concorde enabled Fred to conduct business on both sides of the Atlantic quickly, sometimes on the same day.

During his career he flew Concorde 718 times making him the ultimate Frequent Flier.  Today Fred uses his unique experience as a director of Exclusivetravel4U, a custom travel and holiday company.

Fred relies on his laptop when traveling and he constantly uses public networks in hotels, airports and Starbucks around the globe. This makes his system vulnerable to viruses and malware that can cause a host of problems and adversely impact his ability to work when traveling. If something corrupts his laptop Fred  has no technical support that can help him when he is half way around the world; this is why he relies on InstantRecovery™.

InstantRecovery is a high-availability software solution from Raxco Software. InstantRecovery snapshots Fred’s system drive and keeps that snapshot on the system drive. When Fred encounters any system corruption from a failed system or application update, malware or a virus, he can boot to the recovery snapshot and restore his system to its pre-corrupted state in seconds. “InstantRecovery is a life-saver” says Fred, “When you are traveling and your whole itinerary is on your laptop you can’t afford to lose the system. With InstantRecovery I can restore my system and eliminate the threat”. At 76 Fred continues to be an ambassador for the travel industry and with InstantRecovery he can be sure his laptop will always be reliable and he can communicate with his 70,000 social media followers.

For more information on InstantRecovery go to or contact Raxco Software at 301-527-0830.

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