Your Choice of Ransomware Recovery Options…One Day or Two Weeks

Last summer, a Virginia company was hit with a Ryuk ransomware attack.  Raxco Software’s InstantRecovery restored their systems to normal operations almost immediately.  This is the same ransomware variant that took down 21 hospitals in October and triggered a FBI/CISA alert.  The Virginia company recovered quickly, the hospitals did not.  InstantRecovery restores the operating system and applications on any Windows platform in the time it takes to reboot – saving time, money and reputations.

DataBreach Today recently published an article on 2020 ransomware attacks and it was not good news for healthcare, government or banking.

Experts suggest the targeting of these sectors could be related to Covid-related activity and the critical nature of the data involved.  The article also states the ransom demands increased more than twofold between 2019 and 2020 with an average demand of $170,000.  Some groups were demanding ransoms in the $1-2 million dollar range.

The cost of the ransom is the tip of the iceberg.  For hospitals a ransomware attack can mean sending patients to other hospitals, cancelled procedures and increased liability when record-keeping must be done manually.  Universal Health Services runs almost 400 hospitals in 38 states and their recent financial statements indicated their attack last September costs $67 million.

Cyber-criminals are hitting hospitals large and small.  All these organizations have anti-malware protections, but they are successfully attacked anyway.  If an attack is inevitable, you need to prepare for a rapid recovery.  InstantRecovery is the only solution that can bring servers and workstations back online in minutes.

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