Agreement In Harry Potter

Another type of “contract” that could be overlooked in the books is the agreement that Sirius Black made as Harry`s godfather. During the baptism ceremony, a godfather stands up and agrees to care for a child in the absence of his or her parents. Petunia Dursley sealed a binding contract by taking baby Harry home after Lily`s death (PS1). She agreed to give him a “room” with her family until, at 17, he was filled to be protected by the “blood attachment” they shared as members of his family. When Dudley was attacked by a dementer and Vernon wanted to send Harry back, Dumbledore sent a roar to Petunia, who exclaimed, “Remember my last, Petunia,” and reminded him of the original letter he had left with Harry and his promise to protect him (OP2). And she paid tribute to the agreement by telling Vernon that Harry should stay with them. A binding magic contract was a term used to describe a forced magic agreement. The Fidelius charm functions as a contract between magicians with a deal/promise to become someone`s secret keeper as Dumbledore was for Grimmauld Place until his death, and Peter Pettigrew was for the Potters. A magic contract of engagement is a spell or spell that creates an unbreakable agreement between witches or magicians. Could the contract relate to other things than the person himself, such as school participation? Suppose Fleur changed her mind and lost, that Beuxbatons could not choose another competitor. “We have to play by the rules, and the rules clearly state that those whose names come from the firewall are obliged to participate in the tournament.” — Barty Crouch Sr. (GF17) This is relevant because in times past, there was much less consideration for safety – especially where children are considered It would be necessary to make some serious claims risking potential death. Given the unbreakable analog wish and the fact that Dumbledore and others are willing to risk Harry`s life in the tournament, I can only conclude that the effect of breaking the magic contract is indeed dead or a permanent injury, mental or physical.

Nothing else seems to make sense in the light of the evidence. And with these risks in mind, I see that teachers don`t want to inform Harry of these risks so as not to worry him more than necessary. The Triwizard tournament has a history of dangerousness (so limited to “age” student) Harry`s participation in the Tri-Wizard tournament is considered a possible death sentence: “I had worked so hard for myself, quite funny. So what happens when we break it? “Maybe someone is hoping that Potter will die for it,” Moody said with the sweetest trace of a grunt. (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire) While Sirius could not keep his promise during his stay in Azkaban, he tried to make up for the years when he escaped and gave his house to Grimmauld Place as the headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix and left Harry, when he died, at home and to the Elves De Kreacher. There is no safe way to know, although we can compare the situation to unbreakable wishes. (Accent on sammin. I think the contract would have worked as an unbreakable wish and forced them to come forward, but I doubt it would kill the participant if he was not ready to show up.

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