Annotated Model Grant Agreement Fp7

The following documents describe the evidence and documents generally requested by auditors for the review of PC 7 and H2020 grants. All formal steps in the preparation of the grant agreement are described in the H2020 online manual. The grant agreement with the EC is set up by a specific model subsidy agreement. This model contains specific annexes for financial forms, a budget commitment form and a model for establishing the use of the previous pre-financing tranche. A Grant Agreement model is also available for download. This file contains details of the main financial provisions of the Model Grant Agreement (MGA). The Annotated Model Grant Agreement includes all Horizon 2020 grants. The specific section of the ERA-NET Cofund is available in Chapter V (page 574 and below). Horizon 2020 Premiums – According to H2020, a review with the final right is required when the EC`s total contribution to actual direct costs is more than EUR 325,000.

This applies to research and innovation activities, innovation activities and ERC scholarships. No verification is required for Marie Skodowska-Curie actions. However, the university strongly recommends an interim review for all H2020 grants, including the budget for direct costs > EUR 325,000. The interim review will be conducted at the end of the first reference period to allow divisions to identify areas of risk as soon as possible. The interim exam guide is available here. In addition to the grant agreement, it is mandatory for all beneficiaries to sign a consortium agreement. Each consortium must define its own structures and rules that meet its specific requirements. In order to support the preparation of your specific consortium agreement, ERA-LEARN provides a model for the ERA-NET Cofund consortium agreement. The model is based on LESCA. Desca 2020 is a global agreement of the Model Consortium for Horizon 2020. It was launched by the main players of the 7th PC and updated for Horizon 2020, in agreement with the PC community, and provides a reliable framework for project consortia. When the erA-LEARN Cofund proposal was proposed for funding, the EC will open a meeting on the participants` portal to prepare the grant agreement. In May 2017, the Research Operations Office hosted a half-day event on the audit requirements of the Horizon 2020 awards, led by ROO and LEES Chartered Certified Accountants. The presentation films available here are a guide to H2020 audit requirements based on version 4.0 of the Annotated Model Grant Agreement (April 21, 2017). For employees working 100% on a CE-H2020 grant, a declaration of exclusivity will also be required at the end of each reference period. A declration model can be downloaded from declaration_100.odt. IPR Helpdesk`s “Guide to IPR in Horizon 2020” is available here. Fact sheets on the different phases of the project are available at the following address: The type of working time scale required varies according to the framework programme. Below is the working time table of the RP7 and H2020 models: How to avoid frequent cost errors – A European Commission guide offers a free IPR service to inform and advise partners on intellectual property and industrial rights – the IPR Helpdesk. An Excel file for the coordinator`s cash planning.

In addition, voluntary guidelines for the framework of joint research programming will provide special support to participants who are implementing their IP framework.

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