St Vincent`s Hospital Service Agreement

In collaboration with Ascom, St. Vincent`s Health Australia has entered into a maintenance contract tailored to the function, importance and complexity of its systems. The agreement is structured in such a way that it is adapted to solutions by site and in the entire health environment of St. Vincent as it evolves. Ascom has provided a wide range of mobile mobility phones, unit software and nurse call solution Telecare IP for hospital facilities. St Vincent`s Health Australia has invested heavily in key tic communication systems and other support technologies to address important areas such as improving quality of care, reducing costs and improving patient-clinical experience. Because these systems are essential to basic hospital processes, this agreement plays a key role in ensuring that St. Vincent`s Health Australia can maximize availability and return on investment. David Williams, Director of Country Manager at Ascom Australia-New Zealand, said: “The guarantee of this key contract for us shows that we have earned the trust of St. Vincent`s Health Australia in both our people and our solutions, and shows the value of our partnership. We look forward to continuing our journey in partnership with St.

Vincent`s Health Australia and ensuring that they are supported now and in the future. Ascom is a global provider of solutions that focuses on ICT in the healthcare sector and mobile workflow solutions. Ascom`s vision is to fill the digital information gaps that make the best decisions possible – anytime, anywhere. Ascom`s mission is to provide critical real-time solutions for businesses for highly mobile, ad hoc and time-critical environments. Ascom uses its unique portfolio of products and solutions, as well as its software architecture, to develop integration and engagement solutions that deliver truly fluid, comprehensive and efficient workflows for healthcare, industry and retail. Headquartered in Baar, Switzerland, Ascom operates in 18 countries and employs approximately 1,300 people worldwide. Ascom Nameaktien (ASCN) are listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange in Zurich.

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