Subaru Added Security Extended Service Agreement

To be sure that the extensive service agreement you buy will do what you need, make sure it is a real Subaru product. Ask them to see a recent example of the agreement and read carefully through. Serious companies are happy to provide you with one. Don`t be fooled by unusual brochures. The troubleshooting service is offered by Cross Country Motor Club, Inc., Boston, MA 02155-6918, except in Alaska, California, Oregon, Wisconsin and Wyoming, where services are provided by the Cross Country Motor Club of California, Inc., Boston, MA 02155-6198. 1. What is the most important thing I need to know about an extended service contract? Full coverage includes wear, on-board computers and other items that are often excluded from service contracts. 4. Is it advantageous to use an extended service contract while a car is still under warranty? 3. What other benefits do additional security agreements have? It is important to know which company promises to pay you if your car breaks down.

An agreement is as good as the company that supports it. Some retailers offer contract service products other than the Subaru plan. For example, you can purchase Subaru Added Security® (the only extended service contract supported by Subaru of America, Inc. or an extended service contract, backed by an independent insurance company, that could be confused with Subaru-backed coverage. Be careful if you are considering independent plans. Here are some facts about independent companies: There are several reasons why choosing the extended service contract supported by Subaru will always be the best value. Added Security was developed individually by Subaru for your Subaru vehicle. You don`t pay for coverage you don`t need. The price structure of an additional safety plan should not take into account the cost of repairing the average vehicle. We only cover Subaru cars. Is it possible to refund the rental car if the service has to keep your car overnight? Is the renewed service contract you are considering a true Subaru product supported by Subaru of America? Independent suppliers only benefit if their costs are lower than what you paid for coverage.

Subaru Added Security focuses on customer satisfaction, not extended service contract gains. Subaru wants your next car to be one more subaru! Allows you to maintain your car with a high-quality Subaru dealer at a competitive price. In order to increase the resale value, any remaining coverage can be transferred to a later owner for a low service fee. Or you can cancel your insurance coverage and get a refund. For assistance, contact the dealer from whom you purchased your warranty. Breakdown – Definitions range from “failure of an element at work as designed for normal operation” to “failure due to hardware failure or faulty processing.” 1.

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