Withdrawal Agreement Without Backstop

The next eu council meeting was scheduled for mid-October 2018. At the beginning of October 2018, a draft withdrawal text was the subject of intensive work, although considerable differences remain. A few days before the EU Council meeting, the Brexit secretary went to Brussels to inform the European Commission that the current draft was unacceptable. Chequers` proposals were excluded and EU and UK negotiators worked on a new proposal for Northern Ireland`s backstop, which would see Northern Ireland in the EU customs union and, indeed, the internal market for goods, Britain in a customs union with the EU, but not in a regulatory union, so it was free to define its own rules. For goods entering Northern Ireland, controls would be required to confirm that they comply with EU standards. There would be no customs procedures or original requirements, as the whole of the UK would be in a customs union with the EU. The full advice was published later, showing that the terms of the backstop could mean that the UK could face “long and repeated rounds of negotiations.” [68] In March 2019, further notices were issued that the Vienna Convention on Treaty Law could be used if it turned out that the backstop had a “socially destabilizing effect on Northern Ireland”. [69] In addition, paragraph 50 stressed that there would be no new controls on goods and services that would be transferred from Northern Ireland to Britain. In 2018, point 50 of the final eu withdrawal agreement was omitted on the grounds that it was an internal matter in the UK. The final withdrawal agreement for 2018 was originally approved by the British Prime Minister (Theresa May), but the DUP (whose minority government depended on confidence and supply support) vetoed a parliamentary vote in January 2019.

[26] After the vote, Michel Barnier said that the “backstop” was “part and package” of the UK`s Brexit agreement and would not be renegotiated. [65] In the non-binding political declaration, the intention was to create an ambitious, broad, deep and flexible partnership.

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