Don’t Let a Ransomware Attack Lead to Your Unemployment

When ransomware strikes, an organization’s first reaction is to restore operations; the second reaction is to look for someone to blame.  It is not uncommon for the IT Manager to be dismissed in the wake of an attack.  The IT Director of Lake City, Florida was terminated after the city paid a $460,000 ransom and a hospital CIO was let go after an attack last December.  This may not be fair, but it happens.

Ransomware attacks are now at epidemic levels and getting costlier.  If these attacks are inevitable, then your best bet is to have a fast and secure recovery plan. A quick recovery can make an IT Director look pretty good.

Raxco Software’s InstantRecovery restores the OS and applications on any Windows platform in minutes.  Last summer RBI Corporation in Virginia was hit with a Ryuk ransomware attack and InstantRecovery restored their systems almost immediately.

It took Erie County Medical Center almost 3 weeks to restore 6,000 endpoints and it costs them:

  • Downtime for workers
  • Lost revenues 
  • Customer disruption
  • Supply chain disruption
  • Reputational damage

InstantRecovery mitigates these expenses by shortening the recovery time to minutes.  

If your organization had a systemic ransomware attack tomorrow, how long would it take to restore every system to its pre-attack condition?   If the answer is more than a few hours, then you need InstantRecovery.  There is no other way to restore the OS and applications on hundreds or thousands of workstations the same day as the attack.

The key to a fast recovery from a ransomware attack is planning. If you are going to quickly and securely restore all systems and resume normal operations, InstantRecovery needs to be part of that plan.  InstantRecovery saves time, money and reputations and it might just save your job.

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