Ally Bank Account Agreement

The amount of additional collateral we need is usually enough to increase your equity to minimum standards. For information on current capital requirements, please contact your broker. The applicable margin interest rate is the base interest rate for all daily adjusted bond balances. Your Margin interest rate is adjusted automatically and without notice to reflect a change in the base interest rate. If your interest rate increases for any reason other than a change in the base interest rate, we will notify you in writing at least 30 days before that change. We reserve the right to decide whether, when and to what extent we need additional guarantees. In some situations, it may be necessary to require higher own funds on your behalf. For example, we may ask for additional guarantees if an account contains: We charge your adjusted payment balance each day by adjusting your previous day`s balance by direct debits and credits on your account and changing the value of short positions. If your adjusted payment balance per day is reduced because you deposit a cheque or other item that will then be returned to us without a balance, we may adjust your account to reflect the interest charges you have incurred.

Margin maintenance requirements. You must keep a minimum amount of equity in your account to cover your outstanding credit and other liabilities. Margin maintenance requirements are defined: we reserve the right to calculate interest on payment balances on the cash account. At regular intervals, we will send you a full settlement showing the activity on your account, including current interest rates, interest rates and adjusted daily balances. Interest charges…

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