Autosweep Rfid Subscription Agreement Business Account

Where can I top up my Autoweep or EasyTrip account? Do I have to bring the car itself for the RFID application to Calamba? Don`t worry, since only one account is charged the toll depending on the highway you take. Both accounts are not charged for the toll, only the one that is connected to the highway you are traveling on. No need. All you have to do is send an email to customer support. customercare@autosweeprfid.comDöden will ask for your account number. ATG number, cell number Then they will enter your number in their database, After your notice by e-mail, you can now send your credit by SMSAUTOSWEEP BALINQ toGlobe: (0917) 860-8655Smart: (0918) 860-8655Insid of 14 hours my number is now in your database and I was able to check by SMS You can try to use the deed of sale (but it can not be opened). .

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