Carpool Agreement

The Group does not provide any assurance or certification regarding the condition, suitability or safety of the vehicles used by participants who opt for carpooling, the reliability or driving ability of participants or drivers, nor the reliability or driving ability of participants or drivers, nor the insurance of such participants and drivers. It is recommended that participants exercise caution in choosing a potential carpool partner. Members should not accept travel or grant travel to strangers. 6. In the morning, we intend to be at 7:45 am on the Massachusetts Turnpike heading to Boston. We will choose an order for pickup based on who is driving that day. We will choose specific pickup times for each driver and riders will do their best to be on time. Carpooling does not wait more than 5 minutes. The application is managed and managed by HOOP SOLUTIONS S.L., based at Calle del Lince 4, 28707 Ciudalcampo, Madrid, Spain. For any questions, you can contact HOOP SOLUTIONS S.L.

at the following e-mail address: 3. Carpooling will begin on August 7, 20xx and will continue as long as drivers are ready to participate. 2. It is the responsibility of the person accepting carpooling to ensure that the driver of the vehicle has an acceptable driving record, is duly authorised and has adequate insurance to protect both the driver and passengers. 1. It is the responsibility of persons involved in a carpooling/driving situation to have adequate coverage to protect themselves and their passengers. “Website” means the website accessible from the address By deciding to voluntarily share a carpool, carpool and carpool, you agree to be fully responsible for your own safety during the journey to and from the Event. Carpooling, carpooling opportunities or other similar activities are a private agreement between participants….

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