In Agreement With God

In general, there are three levels of convergence that we can enter: we must be totally open to the Holy Spirit and those who are called must know all that God asks us to give up: ideas, errors of character that are not like Jesus, we must be ready to show it to ourselves; It is humiliating. We must ask the Lord if there is anything for which I must repent, which comes among us; He will show a memory that will help us to purify completely; We must agree with GOD, not with ourselves!! ▪ Ellen White says that the majestic voice is now what we see in the world. It could be business, friendship, security, material, popularity, wealth. The problem with Satan is that he cuts off the lives of his associates when they need it most. Different faiths (hundreds) may believe that they are in perfect conformity and in truth, but they are not. With the indignation of his anger and the flame of After this agreement, Jephtar knew that he needed another agreement that would be superior. It should be with the Almighty. He promised that if God brings him to victory, then anything that greeted him on his way home will be a holocaust for God. o Among Adventists, no one wants to be caught predicting things anymore, with the great disappointment we have “already in our faces,” so we are warned not to predict things, with caution as we interpret them, BUT it has had a few.

Returning to the camp, Moses invited those who were still on the Lord`s side to come to him. It was only the Levi tribe that made twelve tribes! It is an agreement that changed his destiny (e.g. . .

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