US Officials Say Ransomware Is Here to Stay

Speaking at a Cybersecurity Summit last week, top Federal government officials indicated ransomware is a national security threat and it’s likely here to stay for a while. Lt. General Paul Nakasone, commander of the U.S. Cyber Command, was asked if network defenders will be forced to combat ransomware 5 years down the road.  Nakasone replied, “Every day”.

Cyber security vendor Emisoft recently blogged that the average ransomware attack results in 16 days of downtime and Gartner Research estimated that time costs $5600 per minute.  What can you do to avoid that expensive downtime and chaos?

Recover in Minutes, Not Days

Raxco’s InstantRecovery restores the OS and applications on any Windows platform in the time it takes to reboot.  InstantRecovery can restore thousands of endpoints back to pre-attack condition in minutes.   A Virginia company was hit with a Ryuk ransomware attack and recovered almost immediately.

InstantRecovery’s patented recovery mechanism restores the OS and applications that were on each system with no need for reimaging or chasing down user applications and license keys.  With InstantRecovery, you have a duplicate work environment available in minutes.

Every effort should be made to prevent ransomware attacks, but the bad guys are smart, and highly motivated by a big pay day.  The ability to recover quickly affects the overall impact on the organization’s operations, reduces costs and minimizes lost revenues. InstantRecovery saves time, money, and reputations.

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