3 Quick Tips: National Clean Out Your Computer Day

3 Quick Tips: National Clean Out Your Computer DayHow much time do you spend waiting for your computer to respond? Opening windows, launching your web browser, starting programs, even saving your work. Do you have to wait? No, you don’t.

National Clean Out Your Computer Day originated from the Institute for Business Technology in 2000. Executed on the second Monday in February, National Clean Out Your Computer Day is a day to perform much-needed maintenance to improve performance on your computer(s).

Here at Raxco, we have a series of shortcuts you can take that are as thorough as professionally cleaning out your computer. Why waste your time if you can automate your system performance-improving maintenance? No geeks required! [Read more...]

How to Make Your Old PC Hardware Act Like a Brand New Super-Fast SSD

How to Make Your Old PC Hardware Act Like a Brand New Super-Fast SSDWhen your PC’s performance winds down to a slow crawl it’s tempting to toss your old hardware for a shiny new tablet or laptop, especially with the latest solid-state drive technology to run circles around your old hard drive’s speed, but that can be quite expensive. There are more cost-effective ways to achieve like-new PC speeds, and in some cases, even better speed than an SSD can provide.

“If a once-fast computer has slowed to a crawl, you can’t really blame the hardware. Sure, you may be able to improve speed by adding RAM, upgrading the CPU, or replacing the hard drive with an SSD. But none of those solutions–all of which cost money–address the underlying problem. Your hardware isn’t underpowered. It’s overloaded.”

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DLL Not Found? How to Stop Missing File Error Messages

DLL Not Found? How to Stop Missing File Error MessagesAt Windows startup, you may have encountered a missing .dll file error message that comes back every time your boot your computer. This can be caused by an invalid registry entry.

Missing DLL File/DLL Not Found is Not a Manual Fix

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Why Registry Defrag is Different Than Disk Defrag — But Equally Important

Why Registry Defrag is Different Than Disk DefragThe Windows registry is a repository for both system-wide and per-user settings. Data in the registry is stored in hundreds of keys and sub-keys. As you operate your computer, Windows and programs constantly query the registry for information. The registry becomes internally fragmented from the addition and removal of registry entries.

Over time, the registry ends up with a lot of blank cells. When new items are added to the registry, these blank cells remain unused, causing the registry to grow much larger than the size of the actual data it holds. A bloated registry results in: [Read more...]

How To ♥ Your PC Just Like Mom Would

How To ♥ Your PC Just Like Mom WouldPCs are like children: sometimes they behave like civilized little machines and at other times they just don’t listen, maybe throwing a tantrum or two. As an adoptive parent, consistency in teaching those in your care proper nutrition, grooming and hygiene habits, the difference between right and wrong, and how to behave will result in the development of a productive member of society. [Read more...]

5 Ways to Show Your PC ♥ This Valentine’s Day

Show your PC some love this Valentine’s Day! Take good care of your computer hardware and the data on it for a healthy, long-lasting relationship with your PC.

Extend Hard Drive Life1. Optimize and Extend the Life of Your Hard Drive

New and old PCs need to keep hard drive (and SSD) file systems optimized and running efficiently. Anyone doing a lot of work or play on their PC will need fragmentation prevention and free space consolidation for performance and speed, plus, the more efficiently your PC runs, the longer its life will be.

Optimize Your Hard Drive: Download PerfectDisk

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Computer Optimizer PerfectRegistry Cuts Start Time 80%

Computer Optimizer PerfectRegistry Cuts Start Up Time 80 PercentSlow computer boot time is a common issue we have all experienced at one point or another. If you have an older computer, if you’ve installed and removed many programs, or if you’ve made changes and edited your registry manually, the accumulated and leftover Windows registry entries can have a disastrous effect on computer speed and performance, including, most noticeably, computer start time.

Raxco is a pioneer in computer optimization on multiple fronts, leading with our flagship product PerfectDisk, which solves many PC performance problems. But in some cases, it’s the Windows registry that needs help - and now we can help ALL Windows PC operating systems: Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP. [Read more...]

How to Breathe Life into an Old PC

After long term use, your computer’s Windows registry can be a collection point for incomplete and invalid registry entries from newly installed programs, pieces of uninstalled programs, and harmful edits to your system by viruses and other malware. These invalid registry entries can confuse your system and result in unreliable PC behavior.

How to Breathe Life into an Old PC [Read more...]

How to Fix System Restore Disabled by a Virus

How to Fix System Restore Disabled by a Virus

Invalid registry entries can be added by viruses looking to infect and create havoc on your system. A single deleted or modified registry entry can result in:

  • Slow performance (even on a relatively new PC)
  • Frequent PC freezes
  • Unexplained PC crashes
  • Common Windows errors
  • Programs hang often and are slow to open
  • Blue screen of death (BSOD)

Viruses can also disable your Windows System Restore feature. [Read more...]

Total Home License — better value for consumers

We recently introduced new pricing for our consumer products with our Total Home License program. This program allows you to use Raxco Software products on up to 5 PCs in your household. PerfectDisk Home Premium, PerfectDisk Pro, PerfectSpeed, PerfectUpdater, PerfectRegistry and PerfectGuard allow use on up to 5 PCs in a home with Total Home License.

Total Home License -- best pricing valueTotal Home License — it’s the best value for our customers with multiple-PC households.

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