How Easter Seals Boosts Windows Hyper-V Server Performance: “It Would Be Crazy Not To”

Easter Seals Hawaii has been providing services to infants, children and adults with disabilities and other special needs, and support to their families since 1946. It’s part of a national organization that has been providing services and programs to individuals with special needs for 90 years.  Easter Seals is recognized universally for its system of identifying the needs of people with disabilities and providing services to effectively meet these needs.

Easter Seals Hawaii has embraced virtualization and found success in improving server utilization and reducing costs with its deployment of Microsoft Windows Hyper-V Server. The organization employs almost 500 people. They have 5 Hyper-V host servers and 15 standalone physical servers in 13 locations across the state. It has revenue of $18 million annually and receives about $1.5 million in donations a year. The client side runs a combination of Windows XP and Windows 7; servers are running Windows Server 2003 R2 and Windows Server 2008 R2. [Read more...]

PerfectDisk is AbsolutelyWindows Utility of the Year

AbsolutelyWindows Utility of the Year is PerfectDisk

We were delighted to learn recently that PerfectDisk has again been awarded the Utility of the Year by the popular AbsolutelyWindows blog, which covers Microsoft Windows and supporting Microsoft technologies. The site noted that PerfectDisk “just keeps doing the job required,” and noted the Windows 8 support that has been added.

If you haven’t visited the AbsolutelyWindows blog, I highly recommend it — and not just because PerfectDisk is a multi-year winner. Over the past couple of weeks, numerous awards have been bestowed by AbsolutelyWindows, including Product of the Year, Software of the Year…and many more. Besides that, there is always a lot of lively commentary of the technology (particularly Microsoft and Windows) world. It’s well worth checking out.

As for the honor of AbsolutelyWindows’ Utility of the Year — we are thankful and proud to accept.


WoW subscribers down; still over 9 million seeking high performance

World of Warcraft -- defrag MPQ files to boost performance

PC Magazine reported last week that Activision Blizzard’s World of Warcraft (WoW), the hugely popular subscription-based massively multiplayer online game lost 1.1 million subscribers during the company’s second fiscal quarter of 2012. That’s a pretty big number, so certainly not insignificant. But even with that loss, there are still over 9.1 million players worldwide. There are various reasons for the decline, including competitive games and geographical issues. But even the loss to competitive games are often other Blizzard games. [Read more...]

PC Magazine’s Top 10 Desktops — optimize them

When considering new or upgraded technology these days, there’s no shortage of information available online. There are plenty of very smart, technically competent individuals writing blogs and tweeting that I would certainly respect and go to for advice. And while I certainly don’t take them as gospel, I still check on and rely to some degree (at least as part of due diligence) old standbys like CNET, WIndows IT Pro, PC World, etc.

Last week PC Magazine came out with its latest Top 10 Best Desktops list. Whether you completely agree with the list or not, it’s certainly not a bad place to start if you’re in the market. I do like the HP Omni 27 for video work (and play). Of course, if you are picking up a new desktop (or laptop or server) any time soon, remember to keep it running like new. Because if you’re running Windows, NTFS still fragments files and free space.

15 Things All System Admins Should Know

Did you know? Fragmented files can take 15-20 times longer to access than a contiguous file of the same size.

Fragmentation is inherent in using Windows and as we have described it, with system use the problem compounds itself until it has an impact on performance and user response.

15 Things All System Admins Should Know About Storage Performance: [Read more...]

Defrag to improve PC performance

Our Technical Support group receives all kinds of questions, requests for insight and more. A brief question came in just the other day that seemed simple enough — how could a small file become so fragmented based on a particular cluster size. Regardless of the actual size of the file, the answer goes to the heart of why fragmentation occurs, and what can be done about it. [Read more...]