SSD Optimization — a look at Intel SSDs

By now, most of the world knows that SSD drives should not be defragmented — defragmentation wears on SSDs and shortens their life. Which is why PerfectDisk has a special SSD Optimize feature, which does not defrag an SSD; rather it optimizes the drive by consolidating the free space. This results in faster write performance; it does not affect read performance.

Computer Power User magazine (digital edition available at is one of my favorite publications for seeing the latest in hardware and software related to PCs and servers. The information is presented in a concise manner, and it’s a good place to obtain an overview of latest releases of numerous products. Case in point — the October edition has a short and sweet article entitled Intel SSDs — The Right Tools for the Job. The article briefly points out advantages of SSDs, and points out that “one size does not fit all,” and gets into options with Intel SSDs. The article breaks down Intel’s SSDs into 3 categories: [Read more...]

How To Optimize Your SSD (Without Wearing Out Its Lifespan)

The SSD: To Defrag or Not To Defrag?

Overall, solid state drives are faster, quieter and they use less power than traditional hard disk drives since there are no electromechanical parts moving around, using up energy, and making noise. SSDs make memory-intensive activities, such as PC gaming, video editing and photo editing snappier than ever….that is, until free space becomes fragmented on the drive.

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SSD optimization, not SSD defrag…

There’s still, of course, a long, long way to go for solid state drives (SSDs) to even begin to approach hard disk drives in terms of units sold. Still, as prices come down and capabilities improve, we’ll continue to see more and more adoption of SSDs.

This explains some of the strong interest we have seen in our SSD optimization technology introduced with PerfectDisk 12. People want SSDs for speed. [Read more...]

SSD optimization software

SSD defrag or SSD optimization?

With Solid State Drives, file fragmentation essentially is NOT an issue – meaning that you don’t typically see any measurable performance issues if a file is fragmented versus if it is contiguous. However, due to the nature of SSDs and how data is written to the drive, free space fragmentation can degrade write performance, and consolidation of free space improves SSD write performance.  [Read more...]